Saturday, February 6, 2010

Inspirational Thank Yous After-funeral Thank Yous?

After-funeral thank yous? - inspirational thank yous

I am a foreigner working as a supervisor for a family in the USA 2 weeks, and my father spent in my homeland. Many of their extended family showed me the kindness to me a card of condolence for inspiration. How do I send thank you cards for cards sent to me. Then into the church service on Sunday with the family in his church, but these are not a member. I came to the pastor and some members of the church, and once when I was sick to know that the congregation prayed for me during my pain and also not the same. End of May I leave the United States to find my country back for good, I send a thank you card for the pastor and his congregation, or exactly what the church was his Christian duty. Because of the diversity of cultures, I'm kind of confused, and I would welcome advice.



Doodles said...

We thank you cards are not for people who have sent letters of inspiration, if necessary, sent flowers, food, financial assistance or other support that you are particularly aware that a thank you to someone. A map would be sufficient for the Board and the community.
If you have something to a family member that has a loss, I know, because I love and I want to do something to show my concern and to help them through, not because they want or need a word of thanks. I think it is a burden for the families to send thank you notes should be made only if they feel strongly about it.

Becky V said...

It is not necessary to send a thank you card received.
If the church has given comfort and appreciates their concerns would be polite to send a short note to thank everyone for their sympathy.

chiliswo... said...

Maps thanks to people who come to the funeral or send flowers. It would be very nice of you, thank you letter to the community and send one for the priest, if you want to have the feeling to say. An individual could serve as the pastor of the church.

justwond... said...

ask the family to extend their sincere thanks to working ... and send a letter to the church (and family), once again means in their country, which is more than just a card

susan said...

It is a courtesy given to acknowledge receipt of something / you have done in my life.
An e-mail expressed his heart felt thanks to the people would be sufficient, and a card with the pastor and the church is
But can have whatever you do, you say, "Thank you, let them know you appreciate their gestures.If speak personally with some of this opportunity to express feelings, so that there is no need for tickets.
Note that the earlier you get the cache is not church, meets at least one week in the extended family most.For no more than 2 weeks (with a time of mourning, which means that there may not be anything else).
Sorry for your loss.Hope this makes sense.
I wish him all the best.

♥ Glitterbomb ♥ said...

M, the family and always send thank you cards?

dawnb said...

They usually do not send thank you cards for the cards, but when sent flowers, food or money that you owe.

It would be great to send a note of thanks to the pastor and congregation. It is always wonderful for people who know how much your kindness means to you.

Miss 6 said...

Even if you do not send a thank you card to the church, I think it would be nice. There is nothing wrong in showing appreciation for those who show kindness. When you connect it to the priest's probably times in his sermon, and will be in a conformation that their prayers were answered. Sometimes I think the church and community work to hear how that comment. Although it is their Christian duty, it always feels good, someone would confirm their good people.

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